Nodes classes

Nodes that are instantiable by the user

Node(*args, **kwargs)

Base object from which all other nodes inherit

Link(*args, **kwargs)

A link in the supply network, such as a pipe

Input(*args, **kwargs)

A general input at any point in the network

Output(*args, **kwargs)

A general output at any point from the network

BreakLink(*args, **kwargs)

Compound node used to reduce the number of routes in a model

LossLink(*args, **kwargs)

A node that has a proportional loss.

PiecewiseLink(*args, **kwargs)

An extension of Node that represents a non-linear Link with a piece wise cost function.

MultiSplitLink(*args, **kwargs)

An extension of PiecewiseLink that includes additional slots to connect from.

Storage(*args, **kwargs)

A generic storage Node

VirtualStorage(*args, **kwargs)

A virtual storage unit

RollingVirtualStorage(*args, **kwargs)

A rolling virtual storage node useful for implementing rolling licences.

MonthlyVirtualStorage(*args, **kwargs)

A virtual storage that resets after a given number of months

AnnualVirtualStorage(*args, **kwargs)

A virtual storage which resets annually, useful for licences

SeasonalVirtualStorage(*args, **kwargs)

A virtual storage node that operates only for a specified period within a year.

AggregatedStorage(*args, **kwargs)

An aggregated sum of other Storage nodes

AggregatedNode(*args, **kwargs)

An aggregated sum of other Node nodes

DelayNode(*args, **kwargs)

A node that delays flow for a given number of timesteps or days.

River domain nodes

Catchment(*args, **kwargs)

A hydrological catchment, supplying water to the river network

Reservoir(*args, **kwargs)

A reservoir node with control curve.

River(*args, **kwargs)

A node in the river network

RiverSplit(*args, **kwargs)

A split in the river network

RiverSplitWithGauge(*args, **kwargs)

A split in the river network with a minimum residual flow.

RiverGauge(*args, **kwargs)

A river gauging station, with a minimum residual flow (MRF)