Bisection Search (pywr.utils.bisect)

class pywr.utils.bisect.BisectionSearchModel(**kwargs)

Bases: Model

A Pywr model that performs a bisection search.

When a BisectionSearchModel is run it performs multiple simulations using a bisection algorithm to find the largest value of a parameter that satisfies all defined constraints. The bisection proceeds until a minimum gap (epsilon) is reached. After the bisection the best feasible value is re-run to ensure the model ends with corresponding recorder values. If no feasible solutions are found then an error is raised.


The parameter to vary during the bisection process. This parameter must have a double_size of 1 and have lower and upper bounds defined; the bisection is undertaken between these bounds.

The termination criterion for the bisection process. When the bisection has narrowed to a gap

of less than the bisect_epsilon the process is terminated.

error_on_infeasiblebool (default True)

If true a ValueError is raised if no feasible solution is found during the bisection process. If false no error is raised if there is no feasible solution, and a solution using the lower bounds of the bisection parameter is the final result.


Perform a bisection search using repeated simulation.